Gold buying and selling, recycling and refining

Precious metal gold

"timeless and stable in value"

Gold has been a means of payment worldwide for millennia and is now used as an investment in the form of gold coins and gold bars. Central banks around the world store gold as a currency reserve, although unfortunately the currencies are no longer covered by gold reserves.

Sustainability comes first

We work exclusively with physical gold and rely on sustainability through environmentally friendly gold processing methods from selected partners.

In some places, the mining of gold still leads to critical production conditions and severe pollution of our environment.

Social responsibility for the environment and society is our top priority, which is why there is only one "Sustanible Gold". For us, this means that the mining of precious metals is constantly checked and carefully documented with regard to ethically correct framework conditions.

With our products and services, we meet the OECD guidelines for compliance with the duty of care.

Complete transparency about the origin of the precious metals is a must for everyone involved and is essential.